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HH4 Event Log: "Lease requested" repeats every few seconds

Hi all


I'm concerned about the constant Lease Requested messages in my HH4 Event Log. Does anyone know why these keep on repeating every few seconds? Is it normal?


I have tested some scenarios:


1. Disconnected all the LAN cables plugged into the HH4.

2. Turned off all the WIFI devices around the house (iPads, phones, Wii etc).


But still the message just keeps on repeating. What could it be that is requesting a lease every few seconds?


I would also like to point out that the HH4 experiences disconnections every couple of hours and I am currently in a banded profile because BT and OpenReach have failed to find a solution for the past 3 months.



18:43:30, 30 Jul.(161001.070000) Lease requested
18:43:13, 30 Jul.(160984.160000) Lease requested
18:42:57, 30 Jul.(160968.500000) Lease requested
18:42:37, 30 Jul.(160948.860000) Lease requested
18:42:17, 30 Jul.(160928.930000) Lease requested
18:42:01, 30 Jul.(160912.700000) Lease requested
18:41:46, 30 Jul.(160897.130000) Lease requested
18:41:34, 30 Jul.(160885.170000) Lease requested
18:41:13, 30 Jul.(160864.990000) Lease requested
18:41:01, 30 Jul.(160852.710000) Lease requested
18:40:46, 30 Jul.(160837.060000) Lease requested
18:40:33, 30 Jul.(160824.300000) Lease requested
18:40:26, 30 Jul.(160817.170000) Lease requested
18:40:14, 30 Jul.(160805.790000) Lease requested
18:39:57, 30 Jul.(160788.080000) Lease requested
18:39:47, 30 Jul.(160778.590000) Lease requested
18:39:38, 30 Jul.(160769.920000) Lease requested
18:39:25, 30 Jul.(160756.790000) Lease requested
18:39:14, 30 Jul.(160745.670000) Lease requested
18:39:06, 30 Jul.(160737.690000) Lease requested
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