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Re: HH4A firmware updated to

Thought I'd add these new events copied from the Home Hub 4a as I don't recall seeing these before, plus search engines may 'send' people to this thread.....?:|


04:58:44, 19 Dec.    ( 56.950000) Rescan, Reason: 'Power-up'
04:58:30, 19 Dec.    ( 43.070000) The system is UP!
04:57:22, 19 Dec.    (1210265.430000) The system is going DOWN for reboot.
04:57:22, 19 Dec.    (1210265.430000) OpenRG is going for reboot by IPC command
04:57:17, 19 Dec.    (1210260.430000) OpenRG will go down for reboot in 5 seconds


Also, fwiw, I've decided to stick on adsl fttb, so the current firmware is the same for adsl and those on infinity.


Anyone out there heard what this firmware fixes or breaks?

(it would be nice if BT could keep their help pages up to date!:()



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