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HH5(B) Poor 5Ghz WiFi Issues

Hi all,


I have FTTP and BT Infinity 4 (300Mb down, 30Mb up) and recently received a brand new HH5 (type B).


On first setup, download speeds over WiFi were excellent - using the app on my Sony Xperia Z3 tablet I got 211Mb down and 31Mb up. But that didn't last long. Within an hour, speeds dropped to 5-10Mb down and the test itself is jittery, if that makes any sense? The flow of data as pictured by the dial on the app, goes in bursts and pauses. It starts reading 0.02 for a couple of seconds, then jumps to 4Mb, then down to 2Mb and so on. The same happens for uploads which give a final reading of 3-4Mb instead of around 30Mb.


My 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies are not synched and the 5GHz has a different SSID. There are two Xperia Z3's in my house so I've been able to test both frequencies and this issue seem to affect the 5GHz frequency only.


I have changed the channel from smart to fixed and on making the change, the speed returns to normal. But within an hour, it's gone again. If I switch it back to smart, the same thing happens. I have not tested every channel though.


Resetting the HH5 (soft reset or cold reboot) has the same effect as changing the channels.


My software version for my HH5 is v0.07.03.0814-BT and the last update is "unknown", presumably as I only installed it yesterday.


My 2.4GHz frequency is deliverying speeds of up to 85Mbps, so it's not like I'm suffering, but if something's not working properly, I like to find the cause...! So any help or tips would be welcomed. 🙂





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Re: HH5(B) Poor 5Ghz WiFi Issues

Unless I'm much mistaken, the phone runs Android, so you should be able to download a handy little utility called "WiFi Analyzer" by farproc from the app store.


This program will display all the wireless hotspots in your area, what channels they are on and what the signal strengths are.  That may help you to work out if there's something that's interfering with your signal.


However, be aware that apps like that can only see WiFi hotspots - they cannot delect other wireless gadgets that use the same frequency band and cause all sorts of interference.

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Re: HH5(B) Poor 5Ghz WiFi Issues

Thanks Ectophile - the Wifi Analyser is very useful.


I found that on the 2.4GHz, there are about 7-8 routers near me (BT and Sky mostly), but none using the same channel as me (13).


On the 5GHz frequency, I found only one other router (a HH4) using channel 40. Mine is on channel 48. I'm assuming I can't see the others due to the limited range of the higher frequencies.


The strength on my 5GHz frequency was strong too. But one thing I did notice was that it tends to disappear. On the 2.4GHz frequency, this only happens on those routers with the lowest strength. My router on 2.4GHz never disappears.


Does this sound more like a hardware fault to you?

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Re: HH5(B) Poor 5Ghz WiFi Issues

You may already have done this but if not, make sure that "smart set up" has been turned off on the Homehub. See link how to do that.

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Re: HH5(B) Poor 5Ghz WiFi Issues

I have indeed already turned smart set up off 🙂

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Re: HH5(B) Poor 5Ghz WiFi Issues

range on 5/ghz is very restricted compared with 2.4Ghz
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