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HH5 and Airport Time capsule intermittent drop out problems

I am currently getting intermittent internet dropouts and slow connections to my NAS unit with my HH5. I had previously taken advice from the community in order too get BT Sport on the TV using the Youview box and was succesful.


My Setup is as follows.



All ethernet cabling cat 6

ASDL line into HH5 (infinity 2)

From HH5 (lan port 1) to TP link 24port gigabit switch SG1024D

From HH5 (lan port 2) to TP link 8port gigabit switch from which XBOX, firestick TV and Youview box connected)

From HH5 (lan port3) to Airport Extreme Time capsule for various time machine back ups (bridge mode, wifi off, internet using DCHP)

From swith to IMAC 

From Switch to QNAP NAS (port forwarded on HH5)

From Switch to various TVs, ATVs, printers,SONOS Etc

From Switch to Airport Extreme base station (Upstairs extending wifi signal using roaming - same SSID etc, bridge mode)


HH5 wifi to various phones, ipads etc


My problem now is that during the day when trying to connect to the internet on the mac it has started to slow down and periodically stop requiring a reset of the HH5.


My previous, no problem at all, set up was just to have the open reach modem feed into the airport time capsule (ethernet connected to switch feeding all other non mobile devices) and extend the network upstairs with another AEBS (roaming).


The only reason I have the HH5 connected is to allow BT sport to be played on the youview box as I was told the apple devices do not support multuicasting.


I then tried the new BT smart hub but that just kept rebooting! so switched back to Home hub 5 and sending back smart hub


What I ideally would like to do, as I understand from reading many posts, is to use the hh5 or smarthub as the Ethernet routing (to allow the youview box to play BT sport) device and the Airport Extremes to do the WIFI bit.


Is this possible/advisable or better solution available






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