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HH5 and Xbox One - randomly open and moderate NAT

Having this annoying problem where the NAT keeps showing as randomly open and moderate. I have set a static I.p for it with no luck so far. I can switch it on and off a dozen times and it can show open, then be turned on the next dozen times and be moderate.


 The odd thing is that I have a PS4 and Xbox 360 attached and they both show as always having an open NAT. All devices are connected wired. Tearing my hair out over this.  I can't recall the last time I had to mess around with static I.p's a d whatnot. Everything just worked with my old Virginia set up. I do a fair bit of online gaming and so having an open Nat is important to me as even moderate with xbox live can be a real nuisance.  Thanks for any help.

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Re: Xbox one moderate NAT on Homehub 5

I've been trying to fix this for the last couple of days. I even started my own topic which not one person has read 😞 I suppose expecting anyone from BT to answer here is just a pipe dream?


 I have been following guides to get port forwarding sorted but when I go to apply it, it gives me the error message "The game or application you’ve selected conflicts with an application () you’ve already assigned to another device.

Please remove the other application or select the same device."


 So it seems people are right, and the supposedly amazing new HUB that several websites has raved about, can't cope with two devices that need the same ports open. To say I'm disappointed, having just signed to BT, is a massive understatement.


 I take it there are alternative routers I could buy which actually work properly, and have upnp that actually works how it should? Or are you tied to this router for any reason? I'd rather spend some money and have a decent router than spend the next few weeks trawling the internet trying fix after fix to get around this issue.

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Re: Xbox one moderate NAT on Homehub 5

Conflicts occur if you try and port forward with uPnP enabled.

These links may help.

NAT Problems on games consoles and computers




As this is only a customer to customer help forum, you will have to rely on replies from forum members with similar issues. It could take a week or so for someone with a similar problem to read and possibly reply to your message.


20 people have viewed your first message, so you will just have to wait.


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Re: Xbox one moderate NAT on Homehub 5

Well after googling non stop since around 4am this morning I have found what I think the problem is - and that makes the most sense.


 I can't port forward because the HH5 has assigned some of the ports to my Xbox 360 (this was with me only using upnp and NOT having tried any port forwarding) and so now it won't let me manually assign those ports to my Xbox one - hence the error message that I'm getting.


 The worst part is, that upnp SHOULD open those ports as needed when I switch my Xbox One on (I live alone and so both machines are never conencted at the same time) but it isn't, because for some reason it is keeping the shared ports solely for the Xbox 360.


 So I was trying to manually assign those ports with port forwading to force it to open those same ports on my Xbox One...but so far I haven't got as far as doing any port forwading whatsoever.


 I had a router with DD-WRT firmware on my old Virgin connection, and that allowed me to open whatever ports I wanted to whatever device I wanted, but it didn't matter because upnp worked properly on it. Unlike the HH5 which after all my reading has the same problems going back as far as the HH2. The internet is awash with people who couldn't get upnp or port forwading to work how it should.


 So far the only people gettng a stable open NAT seem to be those with one Xbox or the other, but NOT both. Which is ridiculous and only seems to affect home hub users.

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Re: Xbox one moderate NAT on Homehub 5

If you are trying to forward the same ports to two devices, you cannot do that manually, it has to be done using uPnP.

This relies on opening and closing ports as they are needed, but this takes a finite time, and is likely to affect gameplay.


The only other way around it, provided both boxes are not connected at the same time, is to give them both the same static IP address, but you must not turn both on together, otherwise you will get a IP conflict, which will probably cause the home hub to lock up.


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Re: Xbox one moderate NAT on Homehub 5

Just been talking to my young cousin who suggested the same thing (he works for for a internet provider on the helpdesk) and it seemed like the best thing ever trying that.


 Then it dawned on me that I have my Xbox One set to download updates in the background as they become available, and of course that means that it is constantly opening and closing it's internet connection. Plus it means putting it in "power saving mode" which means boringly long boot up times.


 Ideally I want to delete any upnp stuff saved on the router and start again from scratch and add the Xbox One first as it is the machine going forward that I will likely be using the most online. But sadly I have read of many people saying despite what it seems, a factory reset doesn't wipe everything.


 Still think there is a fault with the HH as it is by far the most complained about router on the internet when it comes to this issue, and I stress once again, with a Virgin Modem and D-Link router running DD-WRT firmware, I had no such problems whatsoever. Everything worked fine and all my consoles had open NAT's


 I only switched to BT on Friday and was using my Xbox One the evening before with no problems whatsoever. It's ridiculous that I am now having to spend half my life on google trying to fix what wasn't a problem until I switched providers on Friday. Appreciate your responses by the way.

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