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HH5 mediaserver problem

I have just had BT Infinity installed this week and have a new HH5 as part of the deal.

I was expecting a simple installation on the home network side - i.e. unplug the 4 ethernet connections from the old broadband router and plug them into the new HH5 - but this has proved problematic. Here's my problem:

I have a desktop PC on 1 port, a NAS drive on another, a printer on another and a HP Mediaserver on the other - this set up has worked well for several years, giving broadband access to the PC and having auto back ups/media streaming with the mediaserver.


Since I have put the HH5 in I cannot get the mediaserver connected reliably... it appears after reboot for a short while but the connection is unreliable. I have tried swapping ports but that does not help either. I even tried calling BT support but that was a complete waste of everyone's time and 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back... so as an experiment I got my old router - plugged the media server into one of the ports and then plugged another into the HH5... voila! I now have access to the media server again but through an extra router (which is technically redundant but makes the connection reliable).


Any thoughts? I don't like the idea of having 2 boxes powered up when 1 should do perfectly well.

Failing that, is there an alternative to the HH5 that is recommended?


P.S The cable is only 1.5m long so that cannot be it and the cable itself has been used reliably before and used again in the new configuration.

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