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I have agreed to an extension to my BT contract to acquire the Home Hub 5, set up and install was a doddle, it replaced my HH3 and Openreach Modem, thought it looked great. Then the issues started, slow speeds, constant dropouts that required the rebooting of the Hub, 2 days with the Orange fault light, no connection, BT report a fault affecting my area, sorted, but the other issues with the dropouts continued.

I gave it a very frustrating 2 weeks before replacing it with my old HH3 and Openreach modem, since then no issues acrossall my devices. BT unhelpful, just want me to switch back to the HH5 and do some remote work, I was not prepared for that to happen because of the hassle I'd already had.

I've read all the forum write ups that are on here from before the new year concerning this and tried some of the suggested remedies, when it stayed connected for any length of time, all to no avail.

Has anyone had any satisfaction from either BT or a forum idea that actually worked, otherwise I've been conned by BT's hype and adverts into staying with them for longer than I might otherwise have done. Paying top billing for Infinity 2, getting good speed with my HH3/modem setup. Anyone suggest a decent Router/Modem that will work with BT, without the hassle of the HH5?

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Re: HH5

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Keep using your old set up.


The HH5 seems to have a few problems. Have a search through the forum. Unless you are desperate to only have one device rather than a modem and router there is no great advantage to the HH5 apart from the dualband wireless and this seems to be full of problems.


DraTek, Asus and Billion have all got VDSLmodem/routers that are worth considering as a replacement for the HH5.