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HH6 Randomly Disconnecting

I have had my BT Broadband Line for 3 years, since the property was built and my HH6 has randomly disconnected the whole time.

Engineers have been to the Property many times, the router changed three times, they have identified issues and supposedly fixed them, however, it keeps happening, BT / Openreach have assisted but continuously fail to find a solution.

The last visit was 12 days ago and the line has been down 5 times since then.

BT now want to close my latest Complaint as they, once again, feel that they have solved the issue.

The frustration is great and I am finding it hard to find anyone that wants to assist with getting to the bottom of this issue, many, many changes, of settings have been made and equipment replacement has also been tried, everything continues to fail to stop the drops for any length of time.

The last Engineer highlighted a degraded copper line between the Cabinet and the Box in my road, however, he raised a request for replacement and said that the lead time was 12 months Max, 

Any suggestions would be greatly receieved 


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Re: HH6 Randomly Disconnecting


Welcome to this user forum.

I have assumed that you are on superfast broadband, is that correct?

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: HH6 Randomly Disconnecting

No, there does not appear to be noise at present, however, reading other posts this can be random, would you agree?

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Re: HH6 Randomly Disconnecting

It is Superfast Broadband yes, however, around 40 mbps download is best we get.

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