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HH6 firmware SG4B1000E016

Ok, so i just updated to this firmware a couple of days ago. Since then the router has started acting up. Firstly when i turn my BT TV box on in the morning, i get error code YVM102. Once i go into the tv box settings it connects just fine and runs all day until i turn it on again the next morning. All other devices are connected fine and router is working. The router has also not gone down during the night to cause this.


Secondly, the my devices/network page on the router sometimes refuses to load saying "Refreshing the list please wait...". When it does load connected devices are sometimes missing from the list as you can see from this picture. My phone is connected to the 5ghz wireless, but the router refuses to how it on the diagram.


Is this a case of a bad firmware update?



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Re: HH6 firmware SG4B1000E016

if you have just had a firmware update and having problems I would try a factory reset using recessed button on back and holding 20/30 secs till lights flash   maybe be the firmware has not update fully like it should

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