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So i've just moved house and I ordered up a new phone account last night (under my partners name) with broadband and BT Vision included, and was gobsmacked at the time i will have to wait to get these connected. I originally had a estimated date of 4th of September, a whole month !!! but after some discussion with the sales assistant i got this down to August 22nd. this to me is still unacceptable.


When i moved house 8 years ago i rang BT, set up a new account, told them i had a box on the wall and they checked and basically my landline was connected before id finished speaking to them. i then called my internet provider of choice and the broadband was up and running in an acceptable and understandable 4 days no engineer had to come out.. the line was activated automatically by the person i was dealing with and the broadband i was allowed to connect myself. so basically 8 years of technological advancement means we now have to wait a month and have an engineer to visit for a service to be provided  ?


i was told that an engineer has to come and install a line as there isn't one at the house, well unless im Hallucinating there most certailnly is a standard NTE5 box on the wall by the front door and being a bit of a switchboard / private phone system engineer myself i hooked up a phone and other test eqiupment and am fairly confident that the circuit is indeed live and just deactivated, once i told the sales assistant this the story changed to the fact that the line was not a residential type and still needed an engineer to go to the exchange to make changes... i suppose this could be the case but i find it highly unlikely that the previous old age occupants would have needed anything more then a standard phone line so i suspect this to be bullpoo.


of course i know that its all handled by openreach and they only deal with bt and not the public etc... but it never used to be this bad... i am looking at alternatives in the hope i might get something connected quicker but since a lot of the providers also go through openreach it seems unlikely if you ask me openreach was the worst discission ever made !! if you are that short on engineers... let me in the exchange.. i'll do it myself


i rely a lot on the broadband for working from home, although i do understand that its not a garenteed service, more pressing though is that my partner is in the late stages of pregnancy and we could really used the phone line for possible emergencies or when the time comes...






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Bad weather and the olympics have pushed lead times for installs at around 30 days.

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