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HP 3630 and HomeHub 6

We have an issue with a client using a HomeHub 6 and an HP 3630.


We've set the IP address outside of the HH DHCP range and we can ping it from the laptop and also telnet to it on port 9100 no problem at all.


We've uninstalled and reinstalled software, sometimes the printer is found during the HP setup but sometimes it's not, it doesn't seem to ever add the printer and when it does, it goes offline as soon as you send a job and fails to print. 

Scanning is fine however.


Looking at the device on the BT Hub's web interface, it shows with a 0bytes data out and in. We've set it as a printer and not a gaming device.


The whole networking side is solid, the printer has a fixed IP outside of the range but in the subnet, it's there and we can connect on port 9100 so why can't Windows print to it? It must be an issue within the HomeHub itself!

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