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HP Instant Ink Service

I use a Printer that is enrolled in HP's 'Instant Ink' service. The printer (normally) connects to HP's servers to report its status, ink levels, etc.  Starting somewhen in the last few weeks, however, this has not happened, with the printer reporting that it is unable to connect to the HP service.  Connecting from the HP website also fails, although it can detect when the printer is online. HP say that everything is up and running at their end. The only way I can get the printer to connect is to use a mobile hotspot or an alternative HH3, so I guess the problem *must* be with my HH3 router. I have restarted and factory-reset the router, temporarily put the printer's IP address into the DMZ and disabled the HH3 firewall (the computer firewall is, obviously, irrelevant in this situation).  Software version is V100R001C01B031SP09_L_B
Any suggestions as to any HH3 settings I can change to allow the Instant Ink service to connect? 
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Re: HP Instant Ink Service

I have the same problem. In my case I have a Hub5 router and Envy 5020.

Used to work, though frequently claiming printer offline.

I can access the printers web server, print documents and HPsmart claims all is well. The only problem being connecting to the printer for ink monitoring.


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Re: HP Instant Ink Service

Hi Deene

Yup, that’s exactly the situation I had...

I chatted with the support guys through online chat, and the solution offered was to replace the HH5 with a Smart Hub 2; I’ve had no problems with Instant Ink since switching. Along with some others, however, I am having difficulty using AirPrint and smart devices (plugs, etc.) which has been attributed (in another BT Community thread) to new/current Smart Hub 2 firmware, so if your solution ends up the same be prepared for the possibility of some other problems. 

Wish I had a ‘change this setting to make it work’ solution to offer, but alas not!

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Re: HP Instant Ink Service

It may or may not be of help. 

I have a HP Envy Pro 6400 series with instant ink sub. I do not use a BT HomeHub. I had this issue a couple of months ago and the problem was with HP not BT. I called the HP help line and after two attempts the problem was discovered at their server end. They reset my account and  all has worked fine since. 

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Re: HP Instant Ink Service

Hi, I have a HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 connected to Smart Hub 2. I was able to open the HP Smart app but had problems opening the Ink supply details. Seems there was an update on IOS on 21 April and I now have no problem with access. So I am presuming it is at the HP end.


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