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HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

Hi all,


I'm really hoping that somebody can shed a little light on my problem as it is DRIVING ME NUTS!


Last week I got my new HH4 to replace the HH3 v1 that I had before. I did a straight swap, updating my SSID to a more preferable one. I then updated my HP Photosmart 5515 printer to connect to the new SSID and all went well. The printer is on a static IP and is connected to the hub fine. I can access the web server page (by navigating to the IP address in a browser) fine, so I know the printer is connected. However, my desktop can no longer find the printer on the network.


I tried my best to make it work (and it did print something once, before windows deemed it to be offline again) but ended up uninstalling the drivers in an attempt to start again.


During the driver setup (for a wireless printer) the software STILL fails to find the printer (see Screenshot 1.png). I know the printer is on the network as I can access the web server from a browser on this machine, but I can't understand why the driver can't see it. 


Could this be a bonjour issue? I'm stumped. Any ideas?



Screenshot 1.png






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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

should fixed ip address for use with hub not be

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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

Hi criticalmass115,


Just wondering why you have entered the static IP address on as shown in your image.


The default IP address range for the HH4 as well as the HH3 is with a subnet of


Have you tried giving it a static IP address of



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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

Hi chaps,


Sorry to cause confusion. I have a quite a few devices on my network with static IP addresses. When I first went to a HomeHub (from a Netgear) I changed the IP address range of the DCHP to tie in with me network so I didn't have to manually change each device. When I got the new HH4, I did the same and changed the first dot binary host part from 1 to 0.


This is what I did with my HH3 and everything was hunky dory. Can't understand why this should be different.


Note: I just tried the ePrint app on my tablet while connected to the same netork as my printer and it prints fine. I've also tried installing the drivers on a different wired desktop and have got the same problem. Balls 😞

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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

Hi all,


I am going to bounce this one, and add a little more info.


I have three wired (lan) desktops in the house, all of which cannot connect to me Photosmart 5515 wireless printer. However, all of my wireless devices (laptop, phones, tablets) can connect and use the printing / scanning with no issues whatsoever.


I have checked the printers web server by connecting through a browser from all three desktops and all is working (see Screenshot2).


I have connected my original HH3 and surprise surprise, it starts working again.


I have confirmed that there is a problem within the HH4 wlan to lan bridge but I would like to know a few things:


1) Is anybody else encountering similar issues, or could it just be my device at fault?


2) Is anybody aware of a fix?


3) What are BT planning to do about it?


I paid £35 for this router, which I am aware is heavily subsidised. However, for me to go out and but a 3rd part router will put me rather heavily out of pocket. I would like something to be done about it.


Screenshot 2.png

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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

Have you set the HH4 to have a static IP for the printer? Also check in the name for the device has no spaces or colons in the HH4.


Go to Home Hub Manager > Advanced Settings > Devices and click on the HP printer in the list. Make sure the name has no spaces or colons etc (edit as reguired) and check it is set to always use the same IP address.

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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

I've had similar problems with an HP printer, reported in an earlier thread. 


This morning I printed a page from a wireless PC, then when I went to print a second page, got the "offline" error.  Just tried again from a wi-fi laptop and it printed. 


I suspect a discovery problem - some multicast packets not being passed.

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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

I've now tried everything I can think of, and can't find anything online that gives any solutions. 


I don't understand how a connection can be made to the printer's web server via a web browser with no problems, but the driver can't see it. As it is working fine from a wireless device, I can only assume that there is a lan to wlan bridge problem in the HH4.


Of course, trying to get hold of BT and speaking to somebody with the smallest degree of subject matter knowledge is impossible.


Still looking for answers if anybody has any?





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Re: HP Wireless Printer Issues After HH4 Upgrade

this link may assist you please note the turning off of smart wireless and using a fixed channel
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