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HP laptop takes 20 mins to connect to bthub3

New customer

set up router etc last friday all worked fine, two other laptops connect within a minute or two, but on sunday my laptop HP550 3 mb ram athlon etc. now takes 20 mins to connect to router.

I have uninstalled re installed

rebooted router several times

deleted all connection in network manager then fired up again 

adjusted and manually connected, 

stopped virus guard currently msn essentials but previous was avast both worked fine until sunday no issues with firewall that I can see

any advice please



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Re: HP laptop takes 20 mins to connect to bthub3

if you installed the BT cd the recommendation of the forum is to uninstallit as it can cause problems with wifi connections.  just let windows manage you wifi connections.


if that does not solve it then try changing the wireless from default b/g/n to just b/g


you can also try downloading inssider2 (istumbler if MAC) and then run it. This will show the broadcasting networks round about you and their channels including your own. If you then enter your router and change your wireless channel to a free or less congested channel.

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Re: HP laptop takes 20 mins to connect to bthub3

Cheers for reply, have tried the b/g/n no difference, the inSSIDer only shows me and BTfon nowt else about!

and I put the CD in to start but it never got passed the installing icon after about 10 mins I shut it down and let windows deal.

looked throught the registry nowt there from the CD then did a ccleaner and reg clean to make sure but still taking 20 mins exactly to connect into the router then all is fine!

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Re: HP laptop takes 20 mins to connect to bthub3

Hmm, odd one is this


What happens during the 20 mins?

Does the wireless icon show anything?

Is the HP550 set to a static IP address?

Go direct to the HP site to make sure you've got the latest wireless drivers installed


You could enter the hub manager - bthomehub.home - and navigate to the event log using one of the other laptops, then connect the HP550 and monitor what events occur as this may help track down what's going wrong


(you'll need to refresh the event log to show newer events, plus you may need to re-enter the hub admin password as it will automatically time out)

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Re: HP laptop takes 20 mins to connect to bthub3

installed Ubuntu and that connects straight away so it has to be vista! checked ipconfig nothing wrong other laptops are all on different IP's 


Only basic programs (task manager) will run cant even get "connect to" just a blank window  no program will run until I'm connected

so this makes my mind up I am switching to win 7 !!!!

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