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HTC Media Link HD and BT HomeHub3

I have bought a HTC Media Link HD to link my HTC One to the TV. Although the HTC One finds the Media Link it will not configure. In the instructions it says ' be sure that you are not trying to connect to a network that blocks IP multicasting or requires a security certificate', whatever that means. I understand that the BT HomeHub 3 does block IP multicasting. Is there anyway I can connect to this or have I wasted my money? In the advanced settings for the HomeHub 3 is something called Port Forwarding, do I need to enter anything in this and if so what?

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Re: HTC Media Link HD and BT HomeHub3

Hi I had the same problem my htc one would not configure with htc media link, I had to go into my hub advance settings and click on wirless tab and then change the wirless interface type to 802.11 b/g and then click apply to store setting then under home network my HTC Media link Came up and i clicked on it and selected use same ip address for this device, and click apply to save setting restet the hub and one i connected my Media link to TV and used my phone it found it and updated the firmware on the media device then all Works well NOW, hope this helps.


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