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HTC One XL poor audio

I have tried using the app a few times on my BT infinity router with full WiFi signal strength with always the same results.

The call goes through OK but the person I call always asks me to speak up as they can't hear me. When I speak as loudly as I can they report that at the end of every word I say there is a loud crack sound. I can also hear a crack sound at the end of every word they say which is just about bearable, but the person I called can't really continue the conversation because they can't hear me.

I can't complain about the app it's self as when I go to dial an 0845 number from my phone book, it clicks in and prompts me to use it, but in practice because of poor call quality it is unusable.

Is it just the HTC One XL on android has this issue or is it BT infinity lines?

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Re: HTC One XL poor audio

Its probably not your download but your upload  on wi fi thats the issue; try running an app such as "Speed Test" on your phone and see what the down/up load readings are.


Both speeds need to be uniformly good for optimum call quality via the app.


Not, I suspect a handset issue Smiley Wink

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Re: HTC One XL poor audio

Download reported by phone app as 33093 kbps and upload 1676 kbps.

Can't see this being a problem

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