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Re: HTC Wildfire stopped working wirelessly with BT Home Hub 2

Exactly the same problem out of the blue on 9th May. HTC cannot log on to the HomeHub2 and connects to Openzone and BTFon, but will not let me download email and keeps asking me to subscribe and pay (£ 3 per hour!!) when I try to surf the Internet. Decided to give up on BT and move ot Virign since my HTC wildfire has no problem recognising it in my town flat. All Apple gadgets, including Itouch, and Iphone 4 have no trouble logging on to the HomeHub2. Obviously a software conflict issue, whether with router or HTC update, I have no idea though could not find anything with respect to the latter.

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Re: HTC Wildfire stopped working wirelessly with BT Home Hub 2

I had the same problem and after a lengthy search of many forums found the answer posted up and for your info here. It is do do the router reset to defaults with a pin/paperclip which I did and immediately the Wildfire went back on the home hub. It has been a frustrating few weeks and we rang Three where the phone is from and BT Technical Support in India and neither knew the answer so hope they pick it up now so that others do not have suffer the same. Good luck and hope it works for you.

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Re: HTC Wildfire stopped working wirelessly with BT Home Hub 2

I have the exact problem too, and it probably start around the same time. I used to be able to connect to my homehub with my HTC Wildfire but now I cant. I've checked what Connection are saved on my phone, and I've even deleted and redefined the password to my homehub.


My Phone is Android Version 2.2.1 and my Homehub has Openzone and BTFON disabled.


When trying to find out what was happening with my router I tried to connect to my parents BT Homehub 2.0...which I could! The only difference between my hub and their hub is that they have Openzone and BTFON enabled and I dont.


Further to this I've found my friends HTC Deisre and my wife's Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro can both connect to MY homehub!


Now I dont know if the issue is the Homehub or my phone. If it was my phone I would have thought I shouldnt be able to connect to ANY Homehubs. Likewise if it was my Hub, I would have expected no phone to be able to connect!

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