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Hack or something else


I'm not paranoid or particularly fussed as I've nothing to hide, but I live in a terrace and I do have a next door neighbour who likes to play gaslighting tricks (long story). Let me generalise.

How could a neighbour slam a kitchen cupboard door once against the party wall when my laptop boots up just after I enter my password.

How could a neighbour know to do the same if I unplug my wifi, leave it off for a while and at a random time switch it back on again. It's beyond coincidence and quite a clever trick.

Just wondering if something more sinister like being hacked is at play?

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Re: Hack or something else

For what it's worth from an oldie, could it be you have your BT wifi available for sharing?

You can opt out of BT wifi sharing in your MyBT although I believe I read once you set it, you will need to wait a day or two.

If this is what your neighbour uses, then you should be able to enjoy a peaceful life without banging cupboard doors.

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Re: Hack or something else

I think I've done it so we'll see in a few days. I logged in and pressed halo and pressed a tab saying opt out so let's see. Thanks for responding.
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Re: Hack or something else

Did you see something like below, followed by a button?

Opt out of BT Wi-fi

Sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving BT Wi-fi

When you opt your home hub out of BT Wi-fi, we will automatically disable your access to use BT Wi-fi across our millions of hotspots in the UK and abroad.

As a member of the BT Wi-fi community, your home broadband bandwidth will always be prioritised over a roaming BT Wi-fi user. It will never slow you down, but it will give you access to the UK's largest wi-fi community.

Remember, you're always welcome to join again if you change your mind just come back to this page and sign up.

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Re: Hack or something else

No. I've just checked again. Seem to go round in circles broadband package - extras - log in - ... don't think I can do it
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