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Had Infinity 2 for nearly 3 months and still have pathetic download speeds even on off peak times?!

Hello, i upgraded from standard broadband to infinity because of the poor speeds i was getting both wired and wireless. So i was told by my engineer that i needed to wait about a week before i should see my max speeds as it was pretty sluggish.(He was in and out within 10 minutes?) It has been nearly 3 months and i am still getting rather slow speeds considering i was told i should be getting near the top end of 40Mbps and then to receive less than 25Mbps is disgraceful on a speedtest and im not even seeing half of that over wired and wireless connection? (Currently i am getting at max on an update from EA 2.5Mbps) My computer is in good condition, has specs that exceed by a long way what the requirements are for Infinity 2 and have a Vodafone SureSignal box attached to it. Although this has nothing to do with the speeds as it is also not working correctly? 

To be honest this is rather annoying me because i dowload a lot of music and games online and i can't even get decent speeds off peak, let alone during peak times! All my phones never have a 3G connection as the SureSignal box is not working. My PS3 will take 30+ mins to update (200mb+)


What I Have Tried

- On/Off, Resetting, Restarting the HomeHub 3

- Flushed my DNS Cache

- Changed Wireless channels with no luck

- unplugged everything and still no difference

- Used both Wired & Wireless connections


If anyone can think of something else to do speak up! 😛 I will be contacting customer support tomorrow.


This is now a joke. look at these screens!

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Re: Had Infinity 2 for nearly 3 months and still have pathetic download speeds even on off peak time

find out your ip profile from
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