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Halo 1/2 Download Limits?

Ok so i got an email today regarding being upgraded to BT Halo, i've got a few questions surrounding this that i wanted to clear up as i'm either blind or just didn't find the information i was looking for either in the email or on the page.

From the information i'm seeing i'm on "Fibre with Halo 1" and from what i can see i feel like Halo 2 without complete wifi would make the most sense for me as i live in a small flat alone but i need to know if there's any download limits on this plan as, especially now more than ever, i'm at home browsing, downloading a lot of games from steam and playing online. Is there anything else i should know before switching from "Fibre With Halo 1"?

Again sorry if this information is readily available somewhere, i just didn't see it.

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Re: Halo 1/2 Download Limits?

Halo 1 and 2 are add ons to your existing broadband package and have no affect on your connection or download speeds

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Re: Halo 1/2 Download Limits?

Halo is just a benefits add on, it has nothing to do with broadband speed or download limits.

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Re: Halo 1/2 Download Limits?

Well that just confuses me even more then because the deals page i was taken to claims Halo 1 and 2 have 125mb-138mb as opposed to my Fibre with Halo's 66mb-73mb

Are you saying that this isn't the case?

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Re: Halo 1/2 Download Limits?

Actually, looking at it now, i seem to have misread it slightly. It says Fibre 100, so i suppose my question would actually be does the Fibre 100 package have download limits?

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Re: Halo 1/2 Download Limits?


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Re: Halo 1/2 Download Limits?

None of BT's broadband packages have any usage limits in any shape or form, hope that makes it clearer 🙂