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Halo 1 Hub

Does Halo 1 come with Home Hub 6 or a later version?  I have Fibre 1 with an option to upgrade to Halo 1 but I am not sure if I would gain much as the speed shown is the same as I am getting. 

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Re: Halo 1 Hub

Halo is just a marketing thing, there will be no change to your connection speed. Later hubs are no improvement on the Hub6 in any case.

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Re: Halo 1 Hub

As @licquorice @posted Halo 1 or 2 will not improve your connection speed but is an add-on to your existing package giving additional benefits

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Re: Halo 1 Hub

If you have a HH5 or above, you won't be sent a new hub with Halo 1.
If you order Halo 2, that comes with a Smart Hub 2 because one of the features is being able to control and pause the internet, which is only available on the SH2.

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Re: Halo 1 Hub

BT also try to get me to Upgrade to Fibre 2, but on checking I can see no point, as speed is the same.  There is more Cloud Storage but that is about it.  Now it looks like Halo 1 isn't a great Upgrade neither apart from extra data on a BT sim.  Both of these options mean taking on a 24 month contact.  If BT want to encourage upgrades it needs better incentives. 

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Re: Halo 1 Hub


Now it looks like Halo 1 isn't a great Upgrade neither apart from extra data on a BT sim.

Halo offers faster speeds if your line supports it.
More cloud storage and Netprotect licenses.
The keep connected promise.
Double data with extra speed on BT mobiles for the entire household.
No out of contract price increases.
Dedicated UK/Ireland based support.
and other things.

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