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Halo mobile double data shared benefit

I upgraded to Halo many months ago, and was granted double data benefit on my mobile package, which is great. I also extended the benefit to my wife's mobile, which she was very pleased with, until...BT stopped renewing her double data monthly. I worked around this by nominating her for the benefit every month as if she was a newbie, which was a bit of hassle but it did the trick. However this trick doesn't work anymore, she does get the offer every month from   BT by email ( in response to my nomination) to activate but the trouble is that it does NOT activate!! We have used the BT Chat helpline previously to try and resolve this issue but that doesn't exist anymore. What do I or my wife need to do to get her double data back on stream please? Thanks

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Re: Halo mobile double data shared benefit

Is your wife's mobile on the same account as your BT broadband or are they separate ?

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Re: Halo mobile double data shared benefit

Hi  yes on the same account. It all worked perfectly for a couple of months., then dropped the double data! Cheers

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Re: Halo mobile double data shared benefit

Give BT a call, speak with the mobile support team, it'll be an easy fix.

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