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Halo upgrade just to avoid price promise?

My bill is too high!

On 27 Jul '18 I started the 'Broadband - Superfast Fibre Unlimited' package for £29.99pm for 18 months. This expired in Jan '20 and since, for 19 months I have been paying £54.85pm. I would appreciate that it is my responsibility to notice the price change (it would have been courteous to be notified but I have searched my emails and I was not). However, I also am not receiving a service worth £54.85.

The BT online speed checker reports I have a 50Mb download speed, which BT are currently selling for £27.99pm on a 24 month contract (Full Fibre 1). I now have BT Halo 3. I do not use any of the other Halo benefits (hot spots, cloud storage, parental control etc). The BT Halo 3 description now says 'Home Tech Expert visit included' but in 2018 I paid £9.99 as a one-off charge including activation, installation and delivery. I do not want or need Keep Connected Promise (it doesn't cut out often, fortunately) or the phone-related benefits as I don't have a BT phone/mobile data account.

It seems BT have 'upgraded' everyone to Halo just to avoid the Price Promise of never having new customers pay less than current ones for the 'same product', because they're differently named, even though I didn't ask for Halo and have no difference in service. 

Also, the website says to qualify for the Stay Fast Guarantee, you need to have ordered BT Broadband or renewed your contract since 1 March 2019. Why?

I am paying about the same as the most expensive Full Fibre 900 deal (£27.49 for 3 months then £54.99). I have speeds nowhere near 900Mb, or even the currently guaranteed 110Mb, but nor do I have any need for this. I am happy with the speed of my broadband as it is now, which is what it was advertised/estimated to be when I bought it. 

I need to be downgraded to the Full Fibre 1 product (which now has no introductory offer, just flat £27.99 for 24 months) to accurately reflect the product I receive, and receive a refund for the overcharge £510.34 (19 months x(54.85-27.99)). I would also hope I wouldn't then get some sort of reduction in speed either! 

This is a really unscrupulous contract manoeuvre  from BT, if I have got this right. I would also like to link my EE and BT accounts to receive the special discount on my EE bill, if I am eligible. There seems to be no link on the website. Thanks anyone for any help. 

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