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Halo1 connection help

Hello, we just had delivery of Halo 1. Our previous BT hub connected via an openreach modem. I see with a Halo it says just to connect direct to phone line. Our issue is, the cable from the phone socket runs under our flooring across the room to the tv. Where at the moment it all plugs in the openreach box. We therefore want to do the same avoiding pulling up the laminate floor! The current openreach box doesn’t seem to be compatible, is there a way around this? Would be grateful of any help. Thank you.









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Re: Halo1 connection help

Just unplug the cable that is in the  modem DSL socket and plug it into the DSL socket of the new hub instead.

Alternatively, just leave things as they are. It is not necessary to change anything if you don't want to.

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