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Re: Has anyone considered going landline free?

We have settled on a compromise. We have set up a few old phones which we use spec calls and texts. Our broadband will soon be supplied by the mi-fi gadget from 3. This provides a reliable signal throughout the house at speeds which we find quite adequate for our purposes. It has had no problems with iPlayer, for example. We make modest demands of our services but we  do require reliability, which BT has failed to provide.

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Re: Has anyone considered going landline free?

interesting question - going landline free!


i can not understand why there are cables for phones, internet etc.   i have not had a landline for 15 maybe 20 years.



my internet is supplied by 3g, tethering...     i just pay £15 a month which includes 300 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited mobile broadband.    the phone is a cheapy mobile (£39) and acts as a portable wifi hotspot,  it serves my computer as well as laptops for the 2 kids.  

i work with internet website databases as well as some website languages (php java etc)  my job relies on a reliable internet connection!


sometimes, my provider will stop internet connection for about 6 hours every week,  during this time if i need internet i just switch the sim card in my phone.


to my mind, cables are last century.   going landline free and replacing with mobile seems to be more reliable, cost effective etc.  


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