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Have a read as its been 20 days now since the launched Bt sport

Its now 20 days they launched BT sport and free to there broadband customers who can receive it.With being 20 days of me trying to watch it on my BT broadband still cant watch it.There has been a lot of error codes saying siliverlight etc causing the problem of not be able to watch BT sport through BT broadband connection.But hold on there is so many different error codes but no any fixes to stop it happening.There is even ones who think there are techs on this forum page telling customers what to do and still customers cant watch bt sport through there broadband.So the nerd techs say its your computer what is at fault in these forums.

So you start to panic about your own computer and cost aswell.BUT hold on there is nothing wrong with your computer! You see the computer nerd techs on some of these forums giving you the wrong advice as they dont know what they are saying to you.

What it is as far as i know and few other real techs its the stream what Bt are using to broadcast live advents is blocked.I did say in my previous message on here the  reason  could be as they blocked first row free live sports streams from uk on the same day they launched BT sport. Since that day the 1.08.13 they launched Bt sport etc and blocked the main stream what first row free live sports used for uk.

By the way the techs who where here at my home tried there computers and laptop what are xp and vista and still couldnt get BT sport through the broadband connection.Only got the famous error codes.

So BT can you get the problem fixed so me and around 160,000 customers can be happy and watch Bt sport?

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Re: Have a read as its been 20 days now since the launched Bt sport

Also i have  been over 6 hours on phone to BT about the problem aswell until the last one i said about the problem but when he said he will send it to the higher techs department and if they fix there  problem they will charge me!! 

By the way i got no call from the higher tech department. So i will not get charge for them to fix there own problem...


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Re: Have a read as its been 20 days now since the launched Bt sport

Unless BT get unwanted press coverage , stories like yours will go un-noticed by bt. How many people have been helped by mods in a timely fashion?. Ive seen replies days after someone has posted.
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Re: Have a read as its been 20 days now since the launched Bt sport

All I can say is that it does work, honest.  I have had it working on Win7 with both IE10 and Firefox (whatever today's version number is).


People are still trying to work out the various problems that can stop it working.  The latest information is at

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Re: Have a read as its been 20 days now since the launched Bt sport

Up until Thurs 8th no problems at all with loaded ok played very well, then all of a sudden, I can get onto the site ok, log in as usual, choose a stream, but then it takes over 8 minutes to load the stream, before I get a picture. Nothing has changed on my computer, no downloads etc. My laptop has a twin Pentium® Processor P6100 core, I have 10gb of RAM. 250Gb hard drive. I have only the operating system and program on the lap top, no files at all. A top quality sound and graphics cards, with 3D and Dolby options. There for the laptop is uncluttered and runs very fast. I have two stand alone, 1 Terra bite drives, one for files and one as back up with a System image on it for a reset if needed. My broad band is unlimited at 14224 mbps download and 993mbps upload speeds on a 50 ms ping, constant. Bandwidth no problems. BT Sport have admitted the equipment is more than good enough after taking remote control of my computer and seeing for themselves. While they were on line I got the to open, BBC, ITV, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5, TV CATCHUP and Sky Go, [Even with their problems and some replay issues] all at once on separate tabs, both on fire fox and IE9, both running and streaming all at once. 12 streams in all. Not one buffered, not one dropped out, all with perfect pictures, all loaded and run very fast. They closed all of those and opened BT Sport, They the saw for themselves it took over 8 minutes to load a stream before the picture came up. It was only then they admitted they may have problems, due to trying to encode their site to stop unauthorised access. I was told I would get a call from their “Back End Team,” to resolve the problem for me. That was over a week ago. Still no call and no help. In total over 15 hours on the phone and still in the same position and still waiting. Tried to call them and found myself back to square one, start all over again as no one has any record of went before. Well there you are that's my story, I think I have just about tried everything from my end, the fault is theirs but nothing is being done. I will now just have to suffer the faults and wait.
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