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Have all but given up

This is just a half-hearted appeal for help, made in no great belief that my issue will be resolved any time soon.


Brief timeline:


Around start of April, I phone BT to enquire about upgrade to my existing broadband, having suffered poor speed and connectivity. Was informed I could get 'Faster Broadband' - 'Fine, go ahead' I replied in eager anticipation.


18th April - new service 'activated', aaannnd...nothing. Nadda. No internet whatsoever. Phone call centre who check line, identify fault, and arrange an engineer visit.


23rd April - engineer calls, checks line, replaces ageing plug-in point in house and says line from street box to house would need investigated by the 'Ground Team'. Likely they would be out the following week. Following this chap's visit, we also have no landline as well as broadband. Ok, we'll patiently wait...


Next week comes and goes... the following week comes and goes...nothing.


So I phone cancellation line to enquire as to my position with regards to ending contract without penalty, as I appear to be the only party actually keeping my side of the contract (ie. paying for a service which I have not received) Nice lady puts me through to 'Technical Department'. This department, incidentally, seems to be utterly inaccessible by normal means? (ie. a direct phone number). After waiting on hold (yeah, ok, my call 'is important' to you...I get it) for 40 minutes, I speak to another nice lady who says she will find out what's going on and will call back a few days hence.


9th May - nice lady calls back and reports 'Ground Team' will attend on 11th to resolve issue, and she will call back on 12th to follow up.


11th May - engineer arrives at house, and sits outside for 20 mins. As I was at work, my wife goes out to enquire if he was here for our fault? Yes, indeed he was, but had expected the 'Ground Team' to have already begun work on driveway. He comes in anyway and establishes that we still have no phone/ broadband. Tentatively enquires about which service we had had activated ('Faster Broadband') and quickly diagnoses incorrect connection at main box (yes, that's right...whoever 'activated' on 18th April had hooked us up to the wrong thing). Engineer gets us up and running with some form of connection (worse than the 'standard' broadband I had before, but something at least) and tells us line into house would still need work.


12th May - no 'follow-up' call (by this point, predictably) from nice lady at Tech Dept


14th May (current date - almost one month since 'activation' engineer connected us to wrong thingy) Still no sign of 'Ground Team'


I should add that, all the while, I have monitored the 'Fault Tracker' from work, and have observed numerous fault records go from 'On-going' to 'Complete', each time without any actual resolution to my fault. As I type, all are marked as 'Complete', although the latest is still 'Ongoing' - how it can be both at the same time is quite beyond my ken.


I have also, only this morning, received a lovely, albeit generic, text from BT expressing abject apology for my problems, and congratulating itself that my service was now working. it isn't...not in any form approaching acceptable.


In summary, I now have no idea whether this (I suspect mythical) 'Ground Team' will ever turn up. My line is still pants, my internet no better (worse, in fact) than it was before 'upgrading'. It strikes me that the system for reporting and resolving faults at BT is something akin to a corporate version of the 'Keystone Cops'. Could it be that 'BT Infinity' is actually a reference to the timescale for fault resolution?


I read with some amusement, verging on hysteria, BT's recent email heralding a much improved service, along with the inevitable price rise, from July. Faults, it seems, will be resolved a full 24 hours sooner than at present. This doesn't actually mean very much if the timescales in question are weeks/ months (woohoo, you fixed things in 4 weeks and six days instead of five weeks!) When I think about it, BT have achieved a remarkable thing here. Take a customer of several decades standing, hitherto loyal and content, and turn him into a cynical, despondent shell who will now come to expect shoddy, disjointed service as par-for-the-course.




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Re: Have all but given up

Hi @KrypticKen,


I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your order. I'd like to take a look at this for you. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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Re: Have all but given up

Thanks Paddy, details sent.

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Re: Have all but given up

Absolutely appalling service and I use that term loosely!


And I bet they dont compensate you for the mess they've made because you havent been inconvenienced enough!

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