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Have to reset router and modem every day to get my top speed

Hi all,


So every time I come home from work I do a speed test and I'm throttled at about 1mbps, I unplug both my router and modem, plug back in and I get 30 odd mbps. This fix works without fail every time, but it's a massive pain in the ass. I'm on infinity 1


Any quick ideas?



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Re: Have to reset router and modem every day to get my top speed

In order to rule out the Homehub as potentially being the device responsible for your speed loss, you can connect the Openreach modem directly to the PC and see if the speed improves.

To do that follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the homehub from the modem cable

Step2: Connect your pc/laptop to the modem via the cable instead

Step3: Open network and sharing centre on windows and click set up a new connection or network

Step4: Connect to the internet then click make a new connection Broadband PPPoE

Step5: Username and the password as BT

Step6: connect, If it doesn't,keep pressing try again until it does.

However, please note that this will stop any other access apart from the PC

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Re: Have to reset router and modem every day to get my top speed

If the hub is ruled out as Ray Highlights first


Posted this on a similar thread.


"Its a fault with the Openreach modem (or the power plug maybe?) mine says connected no problem for weeks.


I'm not sure BTRetail still send openreach out for modems anymore,  just send a hh5 out these days ?  


Also just check BTRetail don't recontract for another 12/18m  if sending a free hh5.  {Its a fault not an upgrade}


If you don't fancy the Stress/time off ect dealing BTretail/Openreach , there are loads of openreach modems on certain auction sites ect"

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