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Having issues with port 5065/5060 - home hub 5



Am all of a sudden having issues with people hearing me on a voip phone. I can hear them fine.


If I disable the firewall a test call works fine and my voice is recorded and played back.


My inbound is on port 5060 and the outbound on the two phones is 5065


I have never had to set port forwarding on ports 5060 / 5065 etc. before and it has worked fine.


I can set up port forwarding on 5065 to one phone, but then it would not work on the other, I guess.


A bit confused. Have checked that parential controls etc., are off as is smart setup.


What I have noticed is that neither phone is showing on the list of devices on the hub. Despite them both 'working'. i 'think' they were showing previously.


Not sure what has suddenly gone wrong.







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