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Having the “Line in use” error

I have a BT1110 Single phone that was bought 5 years ago. When I tried to call someone on it, it says “Line in use”, and then when I just press the call button, it asks “Join existing call?”

When I restart the phone and I was just quick enough to call that number, but then I just hear... nothing. I called it on my mobile, and it made the “rrr-rrr” sound, but the BT1110 did not ring. When I plugged out the phone line cord (not the charger) then I called, it still made the “rrr” noise but it did not ring either.


When I plugged out the charger and set the time and date again, yet it did not solve the problem. The phone bills are set up by TalkTalk.

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Re: Having the “Line in use” error


Welcome to this user forum for BT retail customers.

All I can suggest is that you call the product helpdesk, the number should be in the manual.

As BT Retail are not your provider, it would be a good idea to try a different phone, just in case you have a fault with the line, or TT have a fault in their equipment, in which case you would have to speak with them.

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Re: Having the “Line in use” error

The one on the bottom of the charger that ends in 2182? OK.

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