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Heartless BT

We came back to BT 12 months ago after i left them for another server which i deeply regret before that we had been with BT for 30 years+. We have just gone through very hard times like most people now in this country,we were paying BT every month by direct debit,everything was fine then we had a letter saying our monthly payment had gone from £55 to £164 because monie was owing,this was no fault off ours,we had loads off arrogance and rudeness off the operatives when we called about this,now we have been told that our services with them will be discontinued if the bill is not paid,we tried to ask them about putting the monthly payment up £10 till it was paid but it is like talking to a recording then im not being funny but you cant understand them.

I need the phone for medical reasons but they dont just give a dam,We were wondering is anyone else going through this kind off thing with them,how and what have they done for you because they have done absolutely nothing to help us.

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Re: Heartless BT

Hi chelsmarty.


Hopefully you've come to the right place. Did BT give you a valid reason for the massive increase in your monthly DD? You don't need to reply to that on here but I'd suggest you keep good records of all calls made and received including names.


I would suggest that you send an email to


Include the main account holders name, account number and a link to this thread.


You might have to wait a short period of time as they do get busy at times.


There is every chance that a moderator will reply here as you've stated that the phone is needed for medical reasons.


Hopefully they can help you with this.

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Re: Heartless BT

Thank you DS for the advice which i have now done so,the trouble is with getting peoples names when we have called it gets to the point where they are just rude and its as if they couldnt care less,they just want your monies and thats it.But thank you once again.



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