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Help Required regarding the ethernet box

I have a new house and moving to BT full fibre 900 next month.

I have ethernet ports in the rooms down stairs.  They originate from the box in the garage.  But how do I get them to work? do I plug them into the router or the OTN?  I would like them to work as for some reason when they build the house they thought it was a good idea to put the OTN box in the garage,  Which means the router is in there too and the phone line as we have VOIP.

Could I ask fort the OTN to be moved to the other external wall so its in the house and the WIFI coverage is better as at the moment is not very good even with a booster?

Thanks CarolEthernet Box (2).jpgOTN box.jpg

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Re: Help Required regarding the ethernet box

They are just sockets with cables to other rooms where there will be further sockets. Just regard them as part of a long Ethernet lead. You can connect the ONT to one of the sockets and site the router at the corresponding socket in whichever room is suitable and has a socket.

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Re: Help Required regarding the ethernet box

You would connect the hub to the ONT with ethernet cable  and then use ethernet cables from the hub to the ethernet  sockets in the panel  as there only 3 ethernet  connections left on the hub you would need to add a switch to give more connections

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Re: Help Required regarding the ethernet box

Apologies for having to ask this but can you explain what a switch is please?
I am not tech savvy at all.

Thanks Carol
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Re: Help Required regarding the ethernet box

Its just a box with multiple Ethernet ports, think of it like the Ethernet version of a mains extension lead with multiple sockets.

Depending on the number of devices that need an Ethernet connection you won't necessarily need one.