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Help! When I was sold my package they agreed I could spread the start-up costs over 3 months

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same things as me - I am literally puling my hair out. I got a phone call from BT Sales Dept around 25th Oct trying to get me to switch to Infinity BB. I said that it was the start-up costs which were putting me off. She said that she would ask her supervisor if I could spread them out over the first 3 months. She came back and said this was fine so I agreed to take the Infinity TV+ and Evening/Wkend calls package.


Of course no record of this was ever put on file and when they said they would try to locate the recording of the sales call no-one ever phoned back. They are still trying to charge me all the start-up costs in one go which I can't afford being a single mum - I have called India on a few occasions now, there are never any notes about any of my previous conversations (I am keeping notes, not that it does much good). On a call to India on 22nd Nov I agreed to pay some of the bill by card and he told me I could set up a regular monthly payment for £70 which would eventually go down. He promised that there would be no restriction placed on my service.


I went online today to check that the arrangement was in place only to find I am still on whole bill direct debit. I phoned India again this morning to find there is again no record of my previous conversation. I was also told that I have to pay £50 set-up fee for billing because I cancelled my direct debit. I was TOLD to cancel it by a BT rep so that the full amount wouldn't come out as we would set up a new arrangement on the 22nd.


Firstly, how do they get away with selling me this package agreeing verbally to spreading the set-up costs then go back on it? This is blatant mis-selling. Then every time they agree on the phone to do something, they don't do it. The customer service is appalling. I want to cancel the whole lot now but I gather that I would have to pay £199 for the box, still pay the set-up costs and a cancellation fee on top of that - I think I would be looking at over £300 to get out of the contract which I've had for 3 weeks.


I have now been told that I will be phoned back within 48 hours when they will have decided if I can spread the cost over the first 3 months! Of course, I doubt this will happen, there is probably no record of my last conversation anywhere and I expect my line will be restricted in the next few days because I haven't paid the whole of the bill. I used to work in the Legal Dept for Sky and quite honestly BT's service is outrageous. 😞


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Re: Help! When I was sold my package they agreed I could spread the start-up costs over 3 months

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to look into it for you.


They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team


They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.

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Re: Help! When I was sold my package they agreed I could spread the start-up costs over 3 months

Thank you for that. I've contacted the BT Care Team so hopefully they can help me.

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