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Help - Why do i need an engineer for an existing Infinity setup? (House Move)

I have recently moved, and have brought my BT Infinity gear to my new address, which is also set up for Infinity - i have actually been using it from day one!

BT still want to send an engineer round which i cannot get time off to do, and is hard getting someone else to help out.


Does anyone know why the engineer actually needs to come into the property when everything is set up in the house?  I did ask the person on the phone yesterday but he couldn't explain why (lost in translation) they need to get into the house.


I just want the engineer to do their bit at the green cabinet and be done with it!


All responses greatly apreciated!



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Re: Help - Why do i need an engineer for an existing Infinity setup? (House Move)

If your master socket has a filtered face plate, which in your case because of the previous Infinity connection should have, and you know how to plug everything in to the correct connections there is no real need for an engineer to call at the house.


The reason for the engineer is basically to ensure that the master socket has the filtered faceplate and if necessary change it and connect everything up for those customers who don't know how to do it. He/she will then run a speed test to ensure everything is working correctly and if it is not endeavour to sort it.


BT have been trialing self install but as yet as far as I am aware have not started to roll it out.

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Re: Help - Why do i need an engineer for an existing Infinity setup? (House Move)

If they have already given you a time and date that the engineer visit will [should] take place on and you cannot be at home at that time or date.

Just ring up and cancel the engineer visit, but make sure that you are getting a good connection on the package that you are using first.

And also do a BTW test using your current phone number from the house as this will give you more info and ensure that your line is ok and linked to that number properly.

If you have an account registered in your name at the new address then you should be ok,but if not then the engineer visit might be needed to make sure that your account and phone number are connected [linked] properly at the cab.


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