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Help from one of the BT Team? Billing Issues

Hi, Can one of the BT mods help me out, I have tried phoning but I am not sure if I was lied to, didnt understand the person on the phone or they didnt understand me, but worried if they didnt do what they said I may end up not paying my bill;



I set up a direct debit as part of my order, however my bill has just come in with a 2 pound charge for payment processing and its not a direct debit type bill.


There was a lot of messing about with my order and a new order was raised. This has also caused me to only get a 50, not 100 pound sainsburys voucher which I would also like help with.


I'd like to make sure my direct debit is set up, the £2 fee is waived due to BT ordering oversight and finally I have been charged £30 for installation despite repeated assurances from people in the call center that if I didnt need an engineer visit I wouldnt have to pay the £30 (I moved from Sky Fiber so all was already set up)


Anyway the analyst on my last call said the 30 would be refunded as would the direct debit charge, and that we set up a new direct debit so I ddnt have to do anything from now on. Looking on My BT I can see it is all the same and it says I have to pay my bill by the 18th July I dont want a black flag for not paying and I am worried the analyst didnt do what they said, can someone help?





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Re: Help from one of the BT Team? Billing Issues

Try live chat they should be able to help with billing.  

live chat

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