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Help getting our infinity service working!

We have had the utterly most frustrating/annoying experience with BT Broadband in Cornwall, the first county in the country to go to Superfast broadband.  BT Broadband is the monopoly provider, I and my husband have spent hours - literally on the phone to the call centre trying to sort out why are new Infinity connection would not work, having had a normal box previously and being told by BT that we would be better to upgrade to Infinity.  Over the past 4 weeks we have been trying to sort the issue out to no avail.  We have been passed from one person to another, they have cancelled appointments that were made without telling us, as a result we have lost numerous days of working and had to buy a seperate system from EE, which I thoroughly recommend, at considerable cost again.  There is no one you can talk to in the UK or Cornwall, there is no escalation of the complaint and apart from one person, all the people we spoke to were extremely unhelpful.  As the head of customer services, I have resorted to this open letter.  Sorry but we have tried every other route that is available to us as customers. Your ability to allow customers to escalate complaints beyond level 2 needs addressing, particularly as you have the monopoly as a provider.  Thank you

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Re: Help getting our infinity service working!

Hi Orchard1,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post.  I've moved your post to start your own thread as that's the best thing to do.  I've also changed the name of your thread to save any confusion.


Sorry for the problems you're having getting your BT Infinity service working from when it was installed.  From reading through your post it's clear you've had a poor experience and I can appreciate how frustrating this has been for you and your husband.


No need to worry anymore as we'll pick this up and give you a hand to get sorted from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to send us your details.





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