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Help needed- Fibre Availability

I have tried getting Fibre Broadband through Sky which is available in my village but SKY have cancelled the order  to as there is not enough ports in the cabinet for my property and i could only get copper broadband.


I called up BT and they said i cannot get Fibre but they can offer me ultra fast fibre plus, which i have taken out with them over the phone.  


Will i actually be able to get this even if i cannot have normal fibre ? 


Thanks for the advice 

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Re: Help needed- Fibre Availability

Hi @AshB1991,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.

If you enter your telephone number on the BT Broadband Availability Checker and post back the results. This will show us what services are available to order.

When you post back, please make sure to remove your telephone number.



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Re: Help needed- Fibre Availability

Hi Paddy, 


we do not have a phone line yet.

Our address is on the list but the building has been split now with us upstairs and offices downstairs and the offices have the original port for the building. 


We will need a new phone line installing 

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Re: Help needed- Fibre Availability

Sky are telling you porkies. What they don't want to admit to you is that they do not sell FTTP ATM whereas BT do. It has nothing to do with ports at the cabinet FTTP is direct from an exchange.

If you post the info @PaddyB has asked for it will show what type of fibre is available.

Alternatively you can ring the Ultrafast team who deal with all FTTP connections. Superfast will be available through them.

0800 587 4787

Please keep us updated.

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Re: Help needed- Fibre Availability

Ultrafast is upto 330meg provides by either G.Fast or FTTP.

Sky sell neither at the minute, they are due to start selling G.Fast by next month I believe and also FTTP by the end of the year, although that may get pushed back because they were supposed to start selling it in June.

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