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Help new BT Infinity not working

I ordered BT Infinity to be set up over a month ago when I moved into my new house.  BT failed to connect me when I moved in (they insisted that they had no home mover service and I could only order a new broadband connection once the previous owner had moved out).


Anyway two weeks after the activation date the Broadband is still not activated - the home hub is flashing pink. The phone line is working fine with no interference.  The BT call centre told me that their tests have shown that both the phone line and the broadband line have no problems and they need to send an engineer round.  Problem is that this is a holiday cottage and I am not there to let in an engineer and want to get this fixed for when I next go there (usually at a weekend).


I am fairly convinced that the problem is not actually in my home - there is a new BT master socket, with no extension sockets connected, about only 5 inches of phone line even inside the house.  I have also tried two new BT home hubs (I have another from a different house), and two different cables to connect to the master socket from the home hub.  I have also tried taking off the faceplate and connecting using a filter.  Given that the phone line is working perfectly surely this means the problem must be that BT have not correctly activated the line either at the exchange or at the cabinet?


Furthermore is there not a test BT could run remotely to see whether the broadband is actually working?  The one that the call centre used clearly doesn't work if they are telling me there is no problem on the line.


Any ideas about how I can get this fixed remotely and get BT to check whether they have really activated the line?

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Re: Help new BT Infinity not working

Even if, as you suspect that the problem is not in your property the engineer will still be needed. 


If BT have identified that you require an engineer visit there will be nothing further that BT will do until the engineer has carried out his/her inspection. 

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