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Help please BT sport price increase and content

  • Just subscribed for 24 months to BT sport app.  Advertised as £15 per month as I have BT broadband.  However after I signed up to the 24 month contract the email confirming details now advises that it will be £19 per month from 01//11/20- an increase just one month into the contract!!! No mention of this before just the inflation increases in March was all that was detailed. Small print says I can’t cancel - this can’t be right A 20 plus per cent increase within a month -  can anyone advise please !!! Thanks
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Re: Help please BT sport price increase and content

When did you take out the subscription ? if you were informed of the cost now and from 01/11/2020 then you can't cancel, your wording makes it sound like you just ordered and the order confirmation states how much your ongoing charges are from 01/11/2020, the order journey will state the upcoming price change, did you order by phone or online ?
If you signed up without being informed of the price change, for example subscribed weeks earlier then you do have the right to cancel the BT Sport app without early termination charges.

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Re: Help please BT sport price increase and content

Hi thanks for replying. I’ve literally signed up this evening and done it via the BT website. The small print did say about CPI increases in March. But I’m just a bit stumped by the price increase for £15-£19 starting in November. I can’t see any indication of the change in price nor anything in the small print. Baffled by it - just seems a little sneaky surely they can’t impose a price increase arbitrarily? Thanks
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