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Help please! I need advice on activating BT Sport on a friend's Sky box

I recently had a call from BT following a complaint that I made. The Scottish lady who rang was brilliant and after getting advice here on a thread I started, I sent BT my compliments to her for fantastic service.


Having sorted out my complaint, she then asked did I want to activate BT Sport on my Sky box. I did and she talked me through what to do. It involved taking out the Sky card and making a note of a certain number. I put the Sky card back in the box & she talked me through the stages of finding a screen on which I had to enter the number from the Sky card.


Seconds later, BT Sport on my Sky box was activated. Magic!


BT has just sent a new hub to a friend of mine, a BT Broadband customer. She doesn't know what she did with the paperwork that came with it - she's connected it in place of the old hub but she doesn't know how to activate BT Sport on her Sky Box.


Can someone point me in the right direction, please, so that I can help her?



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Community Manager
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Re: Help please! I need advice on activating BT Sport on a friend's Sky box

Hi Taffy078,


Thanks for the post.  


Your friend can add BT sport via, here is the link for your convenience BT Sport on Sky Smiley Happy




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