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Help please: slow BB after phone fault

Hope someone can help.


Need to say first of all:

I have had some help recently from a Mod from here regarding poor response from BT regarding a phone fault that also affected BB speed. Fault started prior to end of January. Phone line was fixed on 24th Feb (well, at least, most crackle has gone from voice line, though there's still a hum on quiet line test) but have heard nothing from BT so don't even know if fault has been signed-off and the Customer Services person who was helping has gone quiet now, despite promising a callback on 25th.


BB speed is achingly slow and does not seem to be recovering. Ran the stats as per instructions on this board:


From the Home Hub stats

!st Jan:

DSL noise margin 7.50 dB up. 6.00 dB down; DSL line rate 748 kbps up, 2374 kbps down. (This is our 'normal' rate)

27 Feb:

DSL noise margin 7.00 dB up, 16.80 dB down; DSL line rate 448 kbps up, 512 kbps down.


From btspeedtester this morning:

Download speed MBps 0.12; Upload speed Mbps 0.31; Ping 52.63

Best effort Download 0.23 MBps; Max achievable 0.25 Mbps

Acceptable range 0.05 Mbps - 0.25 Mbps

DSL connection rate 0.51 Mbps down, 0.45 Mbps up

IP profile 0.14 Mbps


I accidentally restarted the Hub just after carrying out the above test (switched off wrong mains lead). Have now restarted it.


Can anybody help us to get back to the speeds we had before the fault?


Many thanks for your time.

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Re: Help please: slow BB after phone fault

Your noise margin is higher than normal due to your line noise problem once you can maintain 3 days + stable connection then post back your hub stats and the mods can then arrange a noise margin reset
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Re: Help please: slow BB after phone fault

due to your resets/drops in connection not only is noise margin high but your profile is rock bottom at 0.14mb.  this will recover automatically given a stable connection and usually takes 3+ days to correct itself for your current connection speed

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