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Help, the “New message” link is missing!

We’ve received feedback from some forum members that they are sometimes unable to start a new thread.


They can access the boards, read posts and indeed reply to existing posts, but aren’t actually able to submit a new message.


This is due to how some posters access the boards.


When you click on a category from the forum main page, e.g the Broadband category, you get the option to select which board you want to go into. In this case, the options are:


ADSL/Copper Broadband Speed/Connection Issues

BT Infinity Speed/Connection Issues

Other Broadband Queries


If you select one of these boards, you will be able to see the “New Message” link (along with the posts within that board) and start a new thread.


If however you click on “View All”, at the bottom of the “Recent Topics” section, you’ll see a list of all of the posts in these boards, but you won’t be able to start a new message. This goes for all the other boards on the forum as well.


The screenshot below shows where these links are displayed, and where you need to go:


Post instructions.png


Thanks @Anonymous for starting a thread about this issue.


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