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Help with BT Rewards Card that has just expired (please)

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Hi there,


I put my BT rewards card in a drawer fro safe keeping and thought I would use it yesterday to do some christmas shopping.


Was disspaointed to find out that the card had "expired" a month or so ago. I admit I hadn'r realised there was an expiry date on the card whih is entirely my fault.


Anyone able to point me to which part of BT I can contact to see if there's anything that can be done.


Seems odd that that a card expired. I added an Amazon gift card yesterday to that account and that was valid for ten years before you needed to add to your account. BT has alraedy accrued the cost of the card so seems a liitle mean to only have it valid for such a short period. 


Anyone had a similar isse with an expired card?


Apart from this small complaint I am very happy with BT avter avoiding them for years and using Virgin. The company has certainy upped its game since I last used then when dial up modems were all the rage.





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Re: Help with BT Rewards Card that has just expired (please)

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Welcome to this user forum.




Its in the T&Cs.


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