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Help with Caller ID problems please

Since joining BT at end of July I've been without Caller ID despite several promises that it would be fixed "within 7 days". The really frustrating thing is that each time I call I'm given a different reason as to what the problem may be or why the problem hasn't yet been fixed.

After being let down yet again, I was advised yesterday that the majority of BT's customers cannot receive Caller ID - it is a national fault that has existed for many months which BT's engineers cannot find a solution to. I was then advised that de-activating and then activating the service normally fixed the fault. Surely if the fault was that easy to fix then there wouldn't be a national fault - would there?

Today, however, I received a call from an overseas based Openreach representative advising me that my faulty phone line had been fixed. I explained that I had not reported a fault with my phone line, only Caller ID which still isn't working. When I explained to him that I had been advised that only a few BT customers can receive Caller ID he told me to ignore those comments and he would definitely get my Caller ID working today. Unfortunately I have been let down yet again.

I have asked to be put through to the complaints department several times - the reply each time has been that I can only speak to this department when the fault has been solved!!

When I suggested that I may have to cancel my BT contract in order to go back to my previous supplier (from whom I received Caller ID) the call centre advisor was almost pushing me  to transfer to the cancellations team.

If anyone can advise me of the real facts behind BT's Caller ID problem I would be grateful - after all of the different excuses and failed 'fix dates' I really don't know if BT can provide this service to me or not.

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Re: Help with Caller ID problems please

Hi Marktech,


I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had in getting your caller display working. I'll be able to help, please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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