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Help with Number Portability

Recently had a BT engineer come over to sort out my landline. Turns out another company before hand had removed some wires so the landline no longer worked due to the telephone socket. The landline was moved to where the master socket was for the time being. 

Was assured that the phone was working, and it dialled the number, but was told that due to 'number portability', a dummy number which was needed to sort out the phone, that it would be some time before I could make a phone call, but it was not specified. I was also told that it is based on someone from BT approving the old number as before, however, no indication as too when this would happen, and I am hesitant as it is now Friday night and the ability to have it sorted as it is a weekend. 

Looking for any recommendations about what to do and when I can expect to make a phone call again. I live in an area with no phone signal and is my main source of communication out, so need it working asap. 


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Re: Help with Number Portability

Are you a BT BROADBAND customer?  If you have no dial tone then I assume your broadband is not working either

the engineers are from openreach and nothing to do with BT Retail

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Re: Help with Number Portability

As far as I am aware the problem was only with the telephone, the wifi/broadband are fine. The engineer was from openreach and she said that it was BT who needed to 'swap back in' the original phone number that had been swapped out initially so that they could sort out the phone line. 

Again, this is to do with the 'number portability' she mentioned, She said (probably because she was from open reach) that she couldn't do anything and it was now on BT's end to swap the number back in. 

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