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Help with Phone/Internet Master Socket

Hi guys,

Moved into a house and the Phone/Internet Master Socket was missing a faceplate. Everything works but I want the correct socket fitted so it all looks tidy with nothing exposed.


I have what I believe to be a cat5e cable (6 wires: green orange, blue and 3 white) wired into a free hanging cat5e chip. I also have a phone line + inc crimp plugs end coming out of the same hole as the cat5e.

Does anybody know the correct type of socket I need to purchase so it can be wired correctly? muddled by the number of different BT and other brand versions of sockets.


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Re: Help with Phone/Internet Master Socket

Firstly is this the only socket you have, are you sure there is no other master socket hiding somewhere.

Secondly where does the phone lead that comes out of the rear of the socket box come from and is it connected to anything.

Thirdly to make that socket the master you need an NTE5 (of whatever type you prefer) and a MK4 faceplate if you want a filtered faceplate rather than dangly filter.

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Re: Help with Phone/Internet Master Socket

Yes it's the only socket I have so I think it's the master. There are more wires coming out of a bedroom upstairs which I've never touched and they are taped up. They're behind a mounted TV.


I'm not sure where the phone lead is coming from. It does work, but after it goes into the rear of the socket box I can't find any other trace of it throughout the house.

Is there a possability you can link me to examples of those two parts so I don't order the wrong ones?


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Re: Help with Phone/Internet Master Socket

Its obviously not the only socket as you have just posted a picture of another one.  I suspect one of the cables in the second picture is the cable in the first picture. You need to find out where the other cable goes as that could be going to a master socket.

Not sure what you mean by the phone cable 'works' as it is a plug not a socket, how are you determining it works.

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Re: Help with Phone/Internet Master Socket

Oh, sorry! my lack of expertise in this area lead me not to perceive that to be a socket. In that sense I don't see it as 'obvious' to somebody who hasn't has experience with this before, but I see your point.

I'll have another dig around, although I don't know of any other than the two posted. I see there are two cables upstairs so one is unnacounted for.

If it's NOT a master (as I don't have a need to make it one) could I buy the faceplate/holder seen in the second photo and use it for the socket in the first photo?

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Re: Help with Phone/Internet Master Socket

You really need to discover where the external wire enters your house and work from there. As stated previously, I suspect that one cable in the second picture is the cable that goes to the socket in the first picture. The other cable will either go to a connection block and join with the external cable or possibly a master socket.

I still don't know what function the cable with the phone plug in the first picture performs.


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