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Help with phone line

I’m really hoping somebody can help me. 

My partner and myself have recently moved into a house with an individual postcode. We are not in a new house. I’ve lived in the area all my life and as far as I know, these houses are about 100+ years old. 

This has been a huge setback in getting internet installed. We managed to purchase BT broadband to be installed this coming Wednesday, only to have a cancellation text this morning which has put us back to square one. 

Upon closer inspection, we’ve found there is no physical phone line installed. The only evidence of a phone line existing has been cut. It looks like the line may have been removed at some point. 

Both my partner and myself rely heavily on the internet. We have been in the property for over a Fortnight and our mobile data costs are a fortune. Where do we go from here. My address doesn’t register under any major providers and Open Reach are the same. 

Can anyone point us in the right direction? 

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Re: Help with phone line


You will have to order a phone line first. Once that is working, you should be able to place an order for broadband.

Place an order for a line only using this link -

If the address doesn't appear properly when you enter the postcode, there is a section underneath where you can manually enter the address.  This will raise the order with the address showing as bronze and it will prompt Openreach to carry out a survey to confirm the routing.   Once the routing is updated the order will then progress as normal.  You can then add broadband once you have the line up and running

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