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Help with setting up a 2nd Access point

My apologies if this is not the correct board for this question.

We have recently joined BT for broadband after switching from TalkTalk, we received the Smart Hub 2 and the WiFi disk, setting them up was no issue. What I would like to know is if it is possible to set up a 3rd party router, the Asus DSL-AC55U, as an extra access point, and if so, how one would go about doing it. I have been in contact with Asus and they have confirmed that the DSL-AC55U is capable of being one. I have watched a handful of videos but non of them seem to resolve the issue. I must apologise again for my artwork, but this is a basic drawing of the setup, not including the WiFi disk. 


The powerline adaptors work fine, not had any issues with them in the past, and right now, I can login to the Asus GUI from my pc, all I would like to know is how to set up the access point with this router correctly.


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Re: Help with setting up a 2nd Access point


If you covered by the BT complete wifi guarantee, then you can ask for additional discs to extend coverage to areas that you need. You can use the Ethernet port on these discs, to connect other devices.

Using a router as a wireless access point, is rather a waste, and you are likely to get conflicts with your existing network.

The extra discs can be connected by Ethernet backhaul, if that is what you want.

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Re: Help with setting up a 2nd Access point

If you do still want to use the Asus, just turn off DHCP, give it an IP address outside of the DHCP range of the hub (e.g gateway of and connect the hub to the Asus LAN port to LAN port via the powerline adaptors if necessary. Set the wireless channels and SSIDs to be different to the hub and disk.

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Re: Help with setting up a 2nd Access point

Would you be able to explain, sorry, I'm new to networking ect

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Re: Help with setting up a 2nd Access point

As mentioned by @Keith_Beddoe I would highly recommend calling BT and asking for another disk, it will work seamlessly and you won’t have to deal with different web interfaces etc. You also save messing with the Asus!

But, the Asus routers have an access point mode you can enable after factory resetting, then you just need to plug the ethernet cable into the ASUS.

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Re: Help with setting up a 2nd Access point

The ASUS DSL-AC55U does not have an AP Mode where DHCP and Internet can be provided via the WAN port. Why not I cannot imagine. Not all ASUS routers are the same and this one is rather limited.

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