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Here we go again, Issue with stable Infinity connection and noise on the line.

Overnight things started to go strange with my 6.1/6.4 snr connection.

I had to restart this morning, things seemed OK, then at 12:14 the trouble started!

Reviewed my connection, 1.8/2.3 snr - that's strange, so I picked up the phone and amazingly it was noisy, bad crackling and just a poor line.


I changed the phones, plugged directly into the test socket with a filter - doesn't matter, very up/down connection until 18:20 when it just stayed up with these stats.......


Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 21.35.12.png



I have received a call, after logging this, from my own customer manager, Paul is his name. I did try and call back but his VM is full, but will try again tomorrow. 

Engineer booked for Wednesday, unfortunately for him if he can't resolve the issue (I've had noise issues for over 9 months now that magically disapear when the engineer comes over) he won't be leaving the premissis until someone turns up to replace him and they won't be leaving until it's fixed.


Wish me luck!

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