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Here we go again ...



There are two things I have learned the hard way .. never contact HMRC or BT on one of their "help" numbers with a query (I exclude the BT Community Forum troubleshooting team from this) or you will end up even worse off.


My Total Broadband contract expires on Feb 13, so I thought I would ring up to see what was on offer. I was offered BT Infinity, but (my fault) I think I misunderstood the cost of what was being offered. Anyway, to play safe and avoid the stress of contacting BT again, I cancelled the order the same day so I could think about it further and within 24 hours received a cancellation confirmation from BT. 


A few days later my latest phone bill arrived containing a charge of £20.55 for Unlimited Anytime calls add-on in addition to the Anytime calls plan I already pay for. A call (to a UK call centre) brought forth the information that my Infinity order was still "open," even though I had received an email confirming its cancellation, and this was the reason the £20.55 ( part of the order I had cancelled) was on my latest bill.


So far, so good. However, I was then told I had to speak to someone else to confirm the order's cancellation and get the charge withdrawn. My worst fear came true and I ended up in downtown Bombay, or somewhere,  and I had great difficult explaining all over again what had gone wrong ( No, I am not calling to order a new router !) .  After eventually getting my message across after long periods of silence while he "studied" my bill, he assured me my £20.55 would be refunded and my Infinity order "definitely" cancelled.


As, when dealing with BT's Indian call centres the word "definitely" usually means the exact opposite of what is actually required, I await the next development with interest and considerable trepidation.


If anyone out there reads the "i," which is the "lite" version of the Independent, there was a great article in there yesterday (Wednesday) by Simon Kelner, the Independent's former editor-in-chief, entitled "How BT turned me into a homicidal xenophobe." Basically, he had the same trouble I always have with BT's Indian call centres.


Simon wrote: "I was quickly on first-name terms with Gurinder and Rajpal  - but they were completely ineffectual - and, I'm afraid the whole experience brings out the xenophobe in the best of us. Give me someone in Mansfield rather than Madras, I found myself wishing..."


I second that, Simon.


What really annoys me about BT ( troubleshooting team excepted again) you can virtually guarantee that any dealings with them will involve a **bleep**-up of some sort on their part, which will then take the poor old customer at least half a day to sort out - if they're lucky...











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Re: Here we go again ...

Hi David2408,


If you need any help getting this sorted I'll be happy to assist. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details and I'll make sure everything is sorted. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Here we go again ...

I am in a similar situation and its disgusting.

I left a property on 29th November and cancelled my service on 22nd as I had no completion date until then.

BT have sent me a final bill totalling around £124 which apparently consists of a £30 disconnection charge AND around £71 as a charge for breach of contract. Apparently they require 30 days notice to terminate but how can you cancel 30 days in advance of moving if you dont know WHEN you are moving from your solicitors!!!!

I spoke to a Sarah in Complaints and she was totally disinterested in my situation!!!

Well I am not paying it so they can take me to court.

What do others think??

I gave them notice the morning my solicitor rang with the completion date!!!

I have been a BT customer with broadband for over 20 YEARS so they can prepare for a fight!!!!

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Re: Here we go again ...

why did you not just transfer your service to your new address that would have saved all the charges
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Re: Here we go again ...



Looks like you will be going to court if that's what you want to do. Keep in mind you were under a contract.


If you cancel your contract you will be charged cancellation fees as per their Terms and Conditions that you signed up to when you took out the contract. See link for details


The £30 is a cease charge because you never asked for a Mac code to transfer to another provider, again this is in the Terms and Conditions


As regards the 30 days notice, again it is in the Terms and Conditions. It is not BT's fault that you did not know when you were moving.


As John has said, assuming you wanted to stay with BT, you should have arranged for a "Home Move" from BT and their would have been no cancellation or cease charges.


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Re: Here we go again ...

I agree with all comments. The 30 days notification is there to give BT time to move your services to your new house.

If you do not intend to move your BT services, then a cease charge and a cancellation charge would apply, if you were still in a contract.


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